About Us

KL "Doc" Smith has received his Bachelor's of Science degree in Secondary Education - Biological Sciences from the University of Wyoming.  For over twenty-eight (28) years, "Doc" has become practiced in student recruitment, student support services, student advocacy, and financial aid as a college program director; and currently working as a financial aid granting officer and a local community college financial aid director.  He has administered federal, state, tribal, non-profit, institutional, and local funds.

As a totally scholarship and grant funded student himself, "Doc" has learned that

  • the earlier that one prepares for college, the better;
  • his decision to go to college was his own--not his parent's;
  • an applicant must READ the entire application;
  • meeting the requirements for his financial aid was his own commitment such as exceeding minimum grade point average, reporting, and application completion prior to deadlines--not any awarding agency's obligation;
  • communications and follow-up with colleges and granting agencies was his own responsibility--not his parent's;
  • the financial aid processes must be started early in the new calendar year and followed every year in order to receive scholarships and grants unless specified otherwise.

"Doc" credits his experiences to the following:

  1. His high school guidance counselor who stressed to him the importance of preparation for college in his middle school years
  2. His family and extended families for trusting him to make his own decisions, giving him moral support, providing vehicle repairs, and offering summer vacation travels
  3. His ambitious and like-minded friends who have spent numerous nights completing college application
  4. His teachers/instructors who have nurtured his spark for knowledge
  5. His financiers who have provided the funding for him to attend college
  6. His employers who have given him the opportunity to give back knowledge and expertise to the community
  7. His business partner and web designer whose genius has persuaded and provided a means to broadcast messages to a worldwide forum
  8. His audience who have been seeking a change or challenge in their life's adventure and have realized that life is a continual educational process
  9. His Creator who has made all of this possible and has taught him patience and gratitude.

Please take anything of value here to you and thank your for visiting!